A tale of some roadies’ weekend


Adventure gives everyone, the adrenaline rush!

I have been to quite a few road trips by now, but a bike trip was my first. A pack of us decided to take an unplanned bike ride to a place 175 kms away from Bangalore, India. The name of the place we had in mind was Bheemeshwari! This place is famous for it’s jungle camp and lodges… The best time for vising this place is during monsoon or post.

So we chose to visit this place, few weeks after monsoon had arrived. We commenced our journey around 6:30 one morning; two bikes, four people, two riders, a camera and a navigator 🙂

Within the first 70 mins of our ride, we’d lost our way twice, to wrong turns! Our first halt was for a tea break, the second one was for capturing some surroundings and the last one was to…well, to give it a rest 🙂

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By the time we’d reached our destination, it was almost noon. Now here came the sad part; the view that we had gone there to see, was not even there. Despite the tremendous downpour the entire are was surprisingly drought 🙁

Disappointed, we left that place and came 6kms backwards to another location, named Muthathi. This place wasn’t much different either, but we entertained ourselves with some photo shooting sessions 🙂

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On our way back though, we had a great lunch at a highway side restaurant (we call it a dhaba); we ate some breads, rice and chicken curry. It was so filling and awesome…

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The roads we took were long, tiring, full of adventures and soothing, all at the same time… and we learnt a few lessons:

  • The roads less taken are always filled with surprises
  • We made a wise decision by traversing a small distance for our first road trip on bikes
  • The turns can be very risky; my rider and I met with an accident, where the bike slipped after a turn and we both fell off of it. Luckily, all we got were scratches, but it could’ve been messier.
  • Highway has a lot of surprises packed for you; cafe’s, restaurants, beautiful scenery (ies)
  • The most famous destination, may not always be the ultimate package for you. The less seen places might (and will) have more in store!

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[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”alignnone” width=”898″][/media-credit]

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Smiling off; until the next road trip 🙂

  1. Road trips are so fun! Road trips on motorcycle are even better! I used to do day trips on bike through the mountains and general sightseeing. Stay safe, and continue riding!

  2. So sorry to hear about your accident but glad to know that you guys were fine! The best road trips are full of surprises and adventures and journey is more important than reaching a final destination!

  3. I always wanted to try a bike roadtrip but I’m scared because it usually causes accidents here in our country. But I know a lot of bikers who go to amazing places and made me think why not give it a shot. Hehe. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great time with friends. I think sometimes when you are on a trip and you lose your way, it makes the trip not only a trip but an adventure, an experience, so I always look for the positives in such situations.

  5. “Roads less taken are always filled with surprises.” Can’t agree more, though it’s always a scary beginning. That curry looks hot though! I have high tolerance for spicy food, but lately, anything too spicy gives me watery eyes, haha. From your photos, it looks like a peaceful and relaxing bike trip!

  6. This looks like an amazing adventure! My bike trips are quite limited, but I’ve always enjoyed them.

    Sorry you didn’t get to see the views you were expecting, but from the photos you posted, it was still super amazing!

  7. It had been a very nice trip and anything there is a lot of greens, it has to be breathtaking. By the way, that was a nice capture of birds flying… falcon? On the road, on a motorbike, feel the wind. Let your thoughts drift… only you, not the driver, of course. That is one thing I can appreciate having driven quite a bit too years ago.

  8. The greenery that you’ll see when doing a road trip is really relaxing and calming to the eyes. It’s just so comforting to see that there’s nature. The freedom you feel when the wind touches your face in riding a motorbike. It’s such an enjoyable thing to do.

  9. Road trips are always fun and unexpected adventures encountered make these trips more memorable. I guess this is what it means when they say that it’s about the journey & not the destination. Plus a few wrong turns & getting lost aren’t so scary when you’re with good company. Love your photos, btw.

  10. I never tried bike trip yet but I find it adventurous and interesting, huh! I am sure you guys enjoyed your road trip. It’s nice to see your shots. India must have so much beautiful places, I bet.

    • Thanks Zwitsy… thank you for the compliments on my pics… India has really great places to visit.. mostly on road trips, there are numerous hidden beauties to explore!

  11. Never tried using a bike for road trips…usually I took a car since it’s much safer in my own opinion. Now, I think I do miss a lot for always taking a car. Sorry to read about your mishaps. A few scratches is worth it in the scheme of things since you got to experience a lot. 🙂

  12. I find riding a motorcycle as both fun and scary. But would love to try it its just that my mom disapproves. So sad to learn too that some places are gone or arent well maintained.

  13. I definitely have to do something to cure my fear of bike trips. I live road trips and I am pretty sure that a bike one is awesome because you feel more independent. Enjoy each and every experience and have safe travels!

    • We’d checked and followed the weather forecast since 3 days prior to the trip 🙂
      If the rain had to wash us down, we had our rain coats and some hotel information on the way, at hand 🙂

  14. I have been longing for a road trip. The last I did was in Bikaner. It is a great experience and gives you complete freedom to be the king of your time and enjoy every moment.

  15. Road trips are the best. Though I am not into biking, I am cool with a car ride. I usually opt for road trips unless I have to take a train or a flight. Its great to explore the surroundings and gives the feel of a changing scenario.

  16. Road trips are our favorite and if its biking its always a great way to explore something unexpected. The scenery through your journey looks beautiful and looks like you guys had great fun.

  17. Sorry to hear you failed to catch the view you are aiming to see but based on the wonderful photos you have shared, it seems like a great adventure and you have captured some stunning view which I personally like! Great photos indeed

  18. It’s so brave of you to go on a bike roadtrip! I love roadtrips but I don’t know if I’ll ever travel on a motorcycle, I applaud you!! And you are totally right! The less seen places can always make for a great trip and destination!

  19. The landscape looks pretty fine to me! And agree with your road trip lessons, but the best thing to do is to charge it to experience and look forward to your next adventures 🙂

  20. So sorry that you did not manage to see the Bheemeswari you went for. Luckily for us, the water was brimming and we were lucky to have spent an overnight here to see lovely glow worms lighting our path. Maybe the next time, you should spend an overnight here 😀

  21. Road trips are often underrated but are just as fun as actually getting away. It looks like you had plenty of fun – although I don’t think i’ll be road tripping on a motorcycle. Need to get that licence first!

  22. How adventurous! I have never been on a motorcycle and I don’t think I ever want to try. I am too scared of getting in an accident. But I definitely see the advantages and the allure that it has. Too bad the scenery wasn’t as you expected. But just another reason to go back to this area.