All the Negative Effects of Coffee

All the Negative Effects of Coffee

As all my friends here know, that I am an avid coffee addict. However, lately, due to some health issues, I have cut down on my intake to quite a considerable amount. And it wasn’t up until now, that I came across this wonderful post that talks to you about your heath hazards related to caffeine. Always remember:

Excess of anything (even happiness), can have some impacts 🙂


What do you mean all the harmful effects of coffee? How can something that looks so nice and goes down so smoothly be harmful? Over 2.25 billion of coffee are consumed everyday in the world. 83% of adults in the United States drink coffee that is almost the whole adult population of the United States. How can all the se people be wrong about drinking coffee? Add a couple tons of sugar to the cup of coffee and you are ready to go. The caffeine in the coffee can give a person a buzz how can this be harmful. Coffee tastes so swell how can it hurt you? There are coffee stops all over the United States it’s so healthy for you. Coffee is a legal drug this must mean it’s ok to drink. You would think coffee is alright to drink because so many people in the world drink it. Coffee is so addictive should this be a warning to anyone who gets hooked on it? Can anything that is so hard to stop consuming be healthy? It really makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Personally, this writer gave up coffee years ago because it made him edgy, angry and too quick tempered. The caffeine just didn’t jive well with his system. As a young Air Force reservist his blood pressure skyrocketed at age 26. This is alarming to have high blood pressure at 26. What was the source of the high blood pressure? It was the overdose of caffeine consumption; it was the fact that he drank so much coffee everyday his nerves literally began to twitch on the inside. He was drinking 14 cups a coffee everyday in college this cannot be healthy. There was another friend of his writer who absolutely would be in a bad mood until he had his morning coffee. Are these healthy effects of drinking coffee? I don’t think so! Let’s investigate further about the harmful effects of coffee.

Linked to Early Death

Linked to Early Death

There was a partner study done at the world famous Mayo Clinic citing that men who drank more than 4 32 fluid oz. of coffee a day had a 21% increased risk of early death caused by all reasons that death may happen. But let’s qualify this statement with these men smoked and were in poor health. Also,  Dr. Nancy Snyderman of NBC, said the study had some holes in it but she still cautioned drinking coffee in moderation. On the other hand if the study’s conclusions were accurate this is a serious risk to think about the next time we take a sip of coffee. It just isn’t worth taking the risk. Read more here, by Lily Greene

  1. I love coffee and I never thought to much about the negative impact. Yer we know it is not healthy for heart and can raise your blood pressure. But scaring to read here. Maybe drinking with care can reduce the risks

  2. I agree that too much of anything will have a harmful effect. Consuming 14-15 cups a day is really high”-risk. I don’t even drink coffee but I consume choco drink. And I only do it once a day. It’s all about control I guess.

  3. My first reaction was, no way! since I drink coffee every day. However, it is true that anything taken in excess is too much. Perhaps 14 cups a day?! Though I can relate to cutting down caffeine in take. There were times I gave coffee up to avoid being trigger happy at work. Then managed my jumpiness, so back at it again.

  4. In my country, coffee is more than addiction. It is a cult. Everything that has to be done goes with a phrase “let’s grab a cup of coffee!”. So, just like the rest of the people in my homeland, I too cannot resist it. However, I strongly agree with you that the excess of coffee intake is harmful and that it needs to be cut out. And I find it a great opportunity to emphasize the negative effects coffee may have on us who drink it regularly and even more than that.

  5. It’s good to know all these negative affects of coffee.I am not a coffee addict.But,I love my coffee.It is true that we need to enjoy everything in moderation.Coffee’s link to early death sounds scary.Thanks for sharing such informative piece of article.I will read more on the linked post.

  6. 14 cups a day isn’t healthy I guess. I believe drinking coffee in moderation is just right. My husband drinks a lot, perhaps five big cup in a day. I should warn him and tell him to limit too much cups.