Always an Experience:District 6

Always an Experience:District 6

The  brewery that I love, from the core of my heart, for so many resons apart from it’s beer 🙂

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I had discovered this place late 2014; not that I hadn’t seen it earlier, but the look of it always made me wonder about it’s expensive menu card and kept me out!

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”alignleft” width=”300″]20160814_194249[/media-credit]

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]20160814_194252[/media-credit]

But one fine day, I decided to step inside with my friend… and never stopped since!

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As all breweries go, the list of beers are confusing to read and order, unless tasted. District 6 gives you their testers for free 🙂 And trust me, if you are a real beer person, this German brew will not disappoint you with any of their 6 flavors…

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And I always go for the 1Litre ones

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”576″]20160814_181552[/media-credit]

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”625″]20160221_145002[/media-credit]

that’s not just it; they have some marvelous cocktails and other drink collections too…

[/media-credit] Espresso Martini

And with every great drink, you crave some even greater munchies…

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”625″]20160814_181503[/media-credit]

Corn Mixture
[/media-credit] Corn Mixture
Assameese Ghost Chilli Spuds
[/media-credit] Assameese Ghost Chilli Spuds
[/media-credit] Can’t exactly recall what I’d orderd, but it’s one of their platters 🙂
German Snail Sausage
[/media-credit] German Snail Sausage

I’ve also had their Oriental Platter, Pizzas; pictures of which I have lost over the years :), and they are all great… Though you might feel them to be a little overpriced, you will not repent the satisfaction your stomach and soul gets after the consumption 🙂

Now let’s take a small tour of the place…

The entrance, to welcome you :)
[/media-credit] The entrance, to welcome you 🙂
[/media-credit] Outside sitting area-1
Outside sitting area
[/media-credit] Outside sitting area-2

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”576″]20160814_182127[/media-credit]

Decors outside
[/media-credit] Decors outside
[/media-credit] The view from inside
The bar sitting area
[/media-credit] The bar sitting area

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”625″]20160814_182203[/media-credit]

[/media-credit] How the ceiling looks


[/media-credit] The interior and sitting areas….

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”625″]20160814_181958[/media-credit]

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”625″]20160814_182018[/media-credit]

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”625″]20160814_182025[/media-credit]

A German wall decor
[/media-credit] A German wall decor
The Kitchen
[/media-credit] The Kitchen
The Chefs at work
[/media-credit] The Chefs at work
The table coasters
[/media-credit] The table coasters

And where the magic is brewed…

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”625″]20160814_182030[/media-credit]

And to help your sober mind capture some thoughtful messages in the end, they bring the bills in a box:

Bill box cover #1
[/media-credit] Bill box cover #1
Bill box cover #2 and #3
[/media-credit] Bill box cover #2 and #3
Bill box cover "the best one" :)
[/media-credit] Bill box cover “the best one” 🙂

Trust me people, it’s a brewery you can’t stop going to… If you’re in Bangalore, do come by. It’s right next to Orion Mall, Rajajinagar… if you are outside Bangalore, don’t forget this place whenever you are here… the staff members, managers and everything within, will make sure you have a gala time!

Cheers (clink)!

  1. I am very picky when it comes to beer and so I could drink only a few if I am at District 6. Having said that, I find the food that you forgot what it is called intriguing and oh, I like sausages! The interior of District 6 is very nice and one plus for me is the comfortable chairs they have. Good for a long night of talks with friends and lots of booze.

  2. Makes me want to check if there’s a branch here in the Philippines. Just by reading your post, I’m very intrigued with their beers and the 6 flavors you shared on your photo. I’m sure District 6 is a great place to hang out with friends and drink those 1 L mugs. The place looks comfy too for a chat with your beer friends.

  3. I’m not a beer drinker. I didn’t like the smell eversince. I remember our beverage maganement classes in the past. We needed to taste all the kinds/brands of beer. I like wines more. But this place looks cozy.

  4. Even though the place looks cozy, I have to be honest, I hate beer. I mean I hate the taste and since I don’t drink alcohol I’m not always trying to see if I like this one better than the other.
    Anyway, it sounds like you had an amazing time (and still having, since you always come back 🙂 ) and that’s all that matters: having a great time with our friends. Also I find those bill box covers amazingly funny 🙂

  5. Of all you featured here, i would love to try the german snail sausage. I love german sausages and it seems to make it like a snail, they just make a swirl out of the sausage. It still loves enticing to me. Ihihi

  6. Looks like a cool place to chill out while enjoying good food and beer. I honestly thought the sausage was a pastry or something but after taking a closer look yes it does look delicious. The one you forgot the name looks sumptuous. Is it good?

  7. It’s a pretty place for a get together with your HS friends! I love the ambiance too. The 1 liter drink, whoah, I haven’t seen such offered in Negros yet but if I’ll be able to meet it one day, I’ll definitely give it a try.

  8. Hahaha funny quotes! This looks like a great place to chill! I don’t drink beer because I don’t like the taste and I have a feeling the commercial ones available aren’t quality brews. Perhaps if I tried one from authentic places like these, I’ll change my mind about drinking! 😀

  9. I’m not into alcoholic beverages but that place sure has a nice ambiance to it and the food looks grand just be sure to drink moderately people. Prevention is better than cure.

  10. Prices are a bit steep for me but I would think that the beer and ambiance of the place justifies it. It looks laid back and really comfy. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing!