To me, books are not just nicely covered set of pages, with some content; it’s much more than a reading habit! Since second standard, I’ve had the knack for reading story books and it started with The Little Mermaid.
As a kid, I used to love reading books of these genre, as I got to watch the cartoons of the same on TV. Gradually, I got introduced to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew’s mysterious adventures… and they were just amazing! Not to forget the imaginary friends and world, Enid Blyton had helped us build, with her fabulous works like The Famous Five, The Magic Faraway Tree etc. Eventually, I shifted my interests to the classics:

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But as we grow, our taste and choice of books definitely vary, if not evolve.

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And came along the Harry Potter series, the first of which I’d read in 2004; almost ages after they’d released and the craze had settled! But of course, I never stopped since… I’ve read the entire series 7 times so far (and I’m getting into the groove of the 8th part’s release this weekend i.e. 31st July).

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Then of course, like every teenager, I was fascinated by Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon, Paulo Cohelo, Agatha Christie and others of their kind.

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But as I grew more, my choice just flicked; Philosophy, Self Improvement and Facts are my new friends! A few of them:

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Being meaninglessly skeptical about Indian writers I’ve read only two of them; and I just love them:

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And my first autobiography read:

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All of these books have helped me develop various factors within. Now, as a kid, I used to race against myself to finish a book; but these days, I take my sweet gift of time to realize each message from the various reads. And, I do not read just one-book-at-a-time anymore! I realized that reading multiple books of different authors and topics, helps diversify my thinking and gain multiple perspectives at the same time. Thus, rose my small child-like love for book marks… we’ll talk about them some other time 🙂

How often do you guys engage in this brain exercise? Do you enjoy reading as well? What kind of reads are your general love??? Tell me in the comments below…

  1. I love reading! I should do it way more often. I like a lot of books. Ive read the Twilight books. I always like Nicci French. And Harlan Coben! I have a lot of books of Harlan Coben. I also like informative books. And lots more! I recently read the Circle. I woould really recommend it.

  2. I absolutely love reading (well that’s obvious considering I have a book blog haha), but during a few years I felt I hadn’t read enough. Since I started blogging and sharing my thoughts about the books I read, etc, I read more, and different genres. I personally like Speculative Fiction (Fantasy and Sci-Fi ) but I do read a little of everything. It is a bit more difficult to make me read classics, but it happens sometimes too. I read mostly fiction, but sometimes when a topic interests me and I want to learn more about it, I read a book about it. Reading is a passion, I am happy others understand the value and fun of it 🙂

  3. I do enjoy reading but I don’t call myself that much of a bookworm. Although I can say that I’ve finished reading a bunch of books already. I like adult fictions and uhh.. Romcom and books with a dark story. 😁

  4. I love reading. Reading brings me to places that I never been. I also meet characters that touch and become part of my life. The recent book that I read is ” Me Before You” that book made me depress. Oh I hate the ending of it. Made me cry as well for 3 days hahhaah!

  5. I love reading! I’m not reading as much as i want to, though. I’m in the phase when i mostly enjoy classics. From Bukowski to Dante Alighieri, i read everything i can find. At the moment i’m reading Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita 🙂

  6. I never was a bookworm. I loved reading as a child, I wanted to learn how to read really early and I read loads of stories. But growing up I dropped it. It was the fact of staying there for a long time, I feel it too passive compare to watching a movie (While my girlfriend feels the opposite) and when I’m too tired I can’t continue anymore. As when I read, I often have one thought coming out of nowhere and I lose track. But lately thanks to my bookworm girlfriend, I read more. First I read way much more comics than before since I moved to Manchester where it’s easier to find comics than in France, but I also started my first read along with her, which is Dark Tower. I love fantasy and sci-fi. But I read some few other books, from classical to thriller and biography. Not much and many of them never entierely finished. But I’m starting way more into it now. Even though I always loved having loads of books on my shelves, I love books and the feeling. But now I even have a kindle haha, So I’m on my way to be a bookworm as well ! I just still lack of knowledge in book titles and artists

    • Well, you got your girl, Ana, to pull you into the world of great Authors and titles soon 🙂 I had lost the habit as I grew too, mostly due to time constraints…but I am glad to be back! Hope you join our club soon!

  7. Not a book lover but sometimes boredom brings me to reading books, so far have a little collection. Cultivating the habit hasnt been easy.

  8. I love reading books and have always been an avid reader. I so not read books online, still love sitting on the couch and turning the pages. I was glad to see the Sidney Sheldon books included! I have every single one of his books. 🙂

  9. You are perfectly right about the benefits of having and reading a diverse catalogue of books. I was mostly the type of kid who would not be persuaded to read a book because I know it’s famous but golly, even most of the mainstream selections have top notch writing. A book reader is more often than not a good talker as well and I know a lot of people like that. You have some titles up there that caught my eye.

  10. I used to read all the time then Facebook (social media) happens hahaha.. Now I try my best to read as much as I can, usually on Ebooks. I also read more non-fiction books now. I’ve read so many books but I will always be in love with Anne Rice, Pat Conroy, and John Grisham.

  11. Since graduating university almost 10 years ago, I’ve had a hard time finding authors that I enjoy. Once or twice they come along but they have so few books under their belt that I’ve finished the set before I know it.
    There is something to be said for being being a book list.

  12. I’m obsessed with reading, so I can totally understand your perspective. The books you’ve listed look so interesting, and I’ll have to check them out. I usually only read one book at a time, but this has changed my perspective and made me consider reading multiple!

  13. I totally adore Harry Potter and Dan Brown too…but then I kind of read everything I can get my hands on 😉 I have about 200 books lying around at home and another 100 on my ebook…but then I have a library card of every place I have been living for longer then 6 months…I love reading…can’t even tell you my favorite authors, there are too many…dipping into different worlds is just amazing^^

    But I always finish my book first before I start a new one…I want to fully dive into the story^^

    Ps. I think your post just put some new books on my must read list^^

  14. I have lots of the same books as you and like you, I am an avid reader…..I am somewhat promiscuous with my reading, and have several books on the go at the same time – one in the loo, one on the bedside table and one in the kitchen!

  15. I’ve always been a bookworm. I sometimes do not eat or aleep until I finish a good book. That’s why it’s no wonder that my kids are also bookworms like me. One of the books I’m currently reading is The Parent Map by Dr. Sala.

  16. I also love Memoirs of Geisha 😀

    Though ebooks are more convenient, for a book-lover like me, there is nothing more fulfilling than reading the book and flipping its pages until to it’s last page. Also I like the aroma of old books, it makes me travel my mind, become more imaginative and creative.