Are you seeking a Café?

Are you seeking a Café?

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A year ago, on May 21st, a dream had materialized in the form of a café. Since then, there was no looking back! Cafe Here & Now has transformed to a great extent, from the day they were born! Not only have they become an epitome of great taste within their circle, but have also increased demand to an overflowing extent. Their interior has seen some color changes and so have their food! As part of expanding their menu, they have included more of deliciousness and challenge-your-taste-buds items.

For starters, here’s a glimpse their inaugural look here or even here.

What has changed since then?

[/media-credit] The seats aren’t teal anymore!
[/media-credit] The sun block window shields!

What their special appearance board has been featuring…

[/media-credit] Once upon a time!!!

[media-credit name=”(c)Ayan Ganguly” align=”aligncenter” width=”625″][/media-credit]

[/media-credit] Now!!!

And their food items have grown taller as well 🙂

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”alignleft” width=”625″][/media-credit]

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”alignleft” width=”625″][/media-credit]

But that’s not all about this place… there’s more… It’s a feeling! Not only do they make great food for you, but they enjoy and have fun doing so. Every member of this place, is equally hard working, fun-filled, jolly and are treated like a family… One would never feel unattended or unfriendly here:)

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”625″][/media-credit]

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”alignleft” width=”576″][/media-credit]

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”alignleft” width=”576″][/media-credit]

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”alignleft” width=”625″][/media-credit]

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”625″][/media-credit]


P.S.: Go soon, before they close up for a newer look

[/media-credit] The Here & Now Family!!!

  1. It sounds like this cafe is going on with the trends and the wishes of their customers, making it better and better for them to enjoy both the food and entertainment. I have always liked a cafe that is social, where I can play board games with my friends and just relax in a nice atmosphere. The food looks very yummy as well, indeed it had grown taller and taller on the plate.

  2. It looks like a cosy little place. I like the little get togethers that are possible here.
    Food is tempting too, a must try out place I will say.

  3. Wow, Truly this conveys that cafe now has been changing a lot. Here in the Philippines, Cafe’s has been rapidly changing, from how it looks like and how they can offer something good aside from the coffee itself. I like this Cafe cause aside from they offer luscious food, you can as well bond with your friends and have a great time with them. It’s like staying in your house, you’ll still able to feel the comfort of your home.

  4. The sheer size of that food…Good Grief!! It looks sooo delicious. It’s always nice to have a place you can go for not just food..but also culture and camaraderie as well.

  5. It seems people have a lot of fun here. What I liked most is the fact that one can play board games in the cafe. Moreover, the food looks great! The idea is more than excellent. Good luck in the future!

  6. I’m starting to find Cafe hunting quite an exciting activity especially if you do it with your friends… we have so many cafes here in my place and each offers different themes and gimmicks.. some offers boardgames and others with different set up… but at the end of the day.. what really matters most is the dishes and products they offer…

  7. Talk about transformation. It looks like the cafe has a lot to offer its customer. I can also see that the food looks tasty. It also looks very comfortable and very homey, even if it’s outside of your own house! It’s a great place to hangout with friends.

  8. It’s good that that cafe is dynamic and adapting to its environemnt. But it’s also important to for the cafe to know the core of their brand. And that should not change over time. That’s what should be the same whatever renovations or improvements they’ll have in the future.

  9. Love the concept. Surely the owners are after the customer’s complete satisfaction. They arent afraid of change. Indeed the name of their game is change and it is the same concept that made its regulars love it.

  10. I love the ambience of the cafe. So homey! The food they served you all look great and I’m glad they are bigger now. Changes happen in everything but I’m glad this cafe turned into a better one 🙂 I

  11. I love cozy cafes! Especially ones like this, which looks like a home converted into a cafe. There are plenty like this here at my hometown. I’ve also seen some of them grow, from a bigger space to eventually opening up new branches across other parts of the city.