Choice or Enforcement!


Individuality, a word to start with. “You and I are not so different” as we are individual people, the only difference being in the decisions we take.

You get up everyday, and start with your routine work on weekdays (unless there’s a holiday). Do you choose to do it? Or you just do it because it’s become a habit and your daily-life-habits are enforcing you to do it? – ever thought about that. Why do these same routine works change when we have a holiday or over weekends?

Life gives us options every moment; do we always make a choice or just go along with the enforced laws, is something we need to think about. Take any simple activity of your life as an example and think for 4-5 mins what you do about it and IF you may want to change anything around it 🙂


One of the many, biggest life changing decisions that an individual has to take in his/her life! Some people want it (choice), some people just do it (enforced). What happens after this new beginning?

Are you always Happy? – No; there will always be up’s and down’s like any other thing in your life.

Do you stick with it? – At times; because you have to, else, what will the society say (enforced).

Do you enjoy the new surrounding? – Yes; if you love new challenges and like to experience changes OR No; if you look at it as a difficult phase of your life and can’t work out how to deal with it.

Do you give birth? – this is another milestone of your life that has many dimensions:

Yes – because you want to and that’s what you’ve always thought of doing OR because you have to (generation portray), as that’s what people will keep telling you.

No – because you choose not to [or at times, mere scientific disabilities 🙁 ]

So many questions and so many situations, yet the decisions you need to take are always simple. The moment you complicate the available options, you give birth to problems. Make choice of your own or follow other’s, it’s always up to an Individual.

Don’t lose yourself in the crowd of decision-making. Whatever you do or want to do in life, will always matter to you the most; from birth till death…