What a deter-mind can achieve!

What a deter-mind can achieve!

When you choose a path with fogged route, every ray of sunshine makes a difference!

How many of us really have the heart, to take a risk in life and forget about all the coziness that a regular job can provide? Some who do, are all happy in their lives and witnessing miracles. The ones like me… are probably just reading and writing about them 🙂

Within this small crowd of heart’s followers, I have known one star since her childhood; my part sister –


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With knowing some one from that long, come the perks of talking about some of their funniest secrets… may be some other time 😉

She’s always been a fun loving, outspoken, enthusiastic and adventurous person in her life. Having a bright mind from initial days, she grasped almost anything without much difficulty. I on the other hand was the stupidest extrovert self as I still am 🙂 Well, we’ll learn about me some other time!

When Moumita ventured her career towards sound-editing, there came some of the biggest challenges of her life; family support, peer pressure etc. Not everyone understood the beauty of this world she chose, for obvious reasons. The arts industry is generalized to be a freakishly risky one in our society. 

However, being determined as she was, she set her foot down firmly on every disapproving and discouraging comment that came along her journey. Struggling her way through different obstacles and hardships, that came with following her dream, she proudly stood tall with great accomplishments throughout…


She has been freelancing for quite some time and has brushed up on various other areas than just her expertise of sound recording and design.


Today, she’s an inspiration to all her friends and a role model for the youngsters in her family! And this year, her stars shined bright with the sweats of her work over the years and here she was in her proudest moment so far –

Holding her National Award for Best Audiography in a non-feature film; Edpa Kana @ 63rd National Film Awards!

Read more: Telegraph; Wikipedia

She has always charmed everyone in the vicinity with her wonderful personality so far and after this great win, she’s moved us all! Needless to say, we all are so proud of you and the work that you do; you have all our support and best wishes for all the future accomplishments!!!

There’s only growing up from hereon!