Life is always fair… No?

Life is always fair… No?

Hello folks! I know I am very irregular in my posts since a year and I am definitely not sharing a lot of my travel posts. But that is because life has been a bit interesting lately 🙂

Well, to give you all a heads up, I have recently explored bits of Europe and fed my longest desire some juice. But why am I not talking about them yet is because there is something even more interesting that I want to share with you. Now, you will only read further if you care to, else, you will just go off to next best thing 😉

So it started off in March 2017, a month after I got married; I was going through a phase of not enjoying my job at all and wanting to do something better with my life! That is when I had resigned first and was then let go after 3 months. I was still looking for what I can do in life that will really matter; to the society and to me. In the mean time, I met with an accident that gave me a crack in the knee disc. Imagine me limping for month :p

Failing in every aspect, I continued with my IT job. Come October, I got a great offer from a leading travel company right after my husband got an (even better) opportunity in a different city! Boy, was it a tough time for us to decide what to do. But keeping all our emotions aside, we decided what was practical! We both took our offers. But I was still in dilemma… “What to do?” “What’s best?” “Is it the right thing to do?” and 2 weeks before joining my new job, I started getting weird headaches. Now this is where the real story begins!

Event 1

These headaches, when I started to follow the pattern, turned out to be on their extremes in the mornings and would subside by evenings! Now, I am a person who does not trust modern science, and for good reason (you’ll see in a few lines). A week went by, and I realised that what I thought as headaches, were actually attacks; the pain was a hammer bang on the left-back side of my head. I started my job with this situation until I finally decided to go for a checkup.

As I entered the hospital with a blinding pain, I was sent to the emergency where no one was even interested to listen to me, as a patient what I am trying to say. The doctors (students in training to be exact), started running here and there, clueless as to whom to call and what to check. I became impatient soon and just asked them firmly “all I need to know is if I should see a neuro or an ENT specialist” to which I was said “may be a neuro”. I came out of the emergency area and went straight for a neuro. Now, this doctor was a great demon. When I was telling him all my symptoms, I also mentioned that “I am getting a very sore cough taste in my tongue, that just doesn’t go”, he asks me to get an MRI done and prescribed me 1 week’s Migraine medication on the basis of “looks like a migraine”. As I stepped out of the hospital, booking an MRI date, I google-d about the medicines, and reading about their hormonal side-effects I just the prescription away! Then I went for Ayurveda and self-help! While the Ayurvedic doctor also wanted to wait for my MRI report, I wanted to get this sorted at the earliest possibility! I started controlling the pain. The moment of realisation was ‘The pain can not control me. Anything inside my body is under my control.‘ Next day at 9 AM, when the pain started coming, instead of being scared this time I embraced it. I started talking to it and asked it to calm down.

Some of you may find this funny, but this is the truth! It took me 2-3 days with this practice and started realising the change by the 4th day; my MRI day. When the report came in the next day, there were few sinus-infected polyps (cysts) recognised on my left side of the head! Despite myself, I took the report to that neurologist and showed it to him, His assistant asked me “How are you feeling now?” I said “I am feeling great :)”. The doctor said “Oh, these are some small cysts. You have to get them operated out. In the meantime, continue taking those medicines that I’d prescribed.” This was my moment… I smiled and said “I did not buy the medicines you prescribed as I had lost the prescription on my way out And thanks, but I am not interested in any surgery:)”.

I continued with my self-control practice everyday and took some Ayurvedic therapies and anti-inflammatory medicines to heal myself! While I still face these issues at times, they are way under my control.

Event 2

I had just relocated to a place close to my new office and soon it was new year’s day 2018 and my husband left for his new job. By now, things seemed quite under control, though not completely fought out! February came to an end, so did my cysts problems (to quite a great extent); or so I thought. I had just come back from a 2 da’s trip to Assam (my in-law’s place) and was having a good time starting to feel healthy during my dinner, when suddenly I was having trouble getting up from sitting on the floor. “I think I am just exhausted from the trip” is what I exclaimed and put myself to sleep. As a week went by, it started worsening. Now, I started reading the traits of this new guest. The pain was on my left-lower back, and it would excruciate when I tried to bend over, or even wore something tight around my waist (even jeans). This worsened over a month and slowed down my life, as it restricted me from getting up from bed, walking at a normal speed or even sitting down to eat! I used to cry myself to sleep every night and every weekend. I finally told my father about this and he exclaimed it to be Sciatica. He explained the entire details to me and told me what to wrap warm and cold towel around the area to relieve my nerve a bit. But I was soon becoming helpless alone.

The new house’s area being new to me, it was even more difficult for me to find out an Ayurvedic centre nearby so I had to go for the nearest hospital. Here, I consulted the best doctor; told him all my symptoms, he confirmed it be sciatica and straight away asked me to go for a surgery “for long-run benefit”. I walked out of there wondering why the doctors do not care about helping us and only think about a short-cut?

One evening while returning from work, I came by a small Ayurvedic clinic and without even reading it’s name or reviews of the doctor, I just went in. Thankfully, the doctor was really good; she recognised my ailment soon and gave me nerve-healing medicines confirming that my health will improve in 4 days. And it did! And I extended my self-control on this part of the body too.

What I learned?

Our body is capable of healing itself, given a little time and proper care! Often, people like us loose their minds over some harassing body aches and give away to whatever the doctors say, without cross-verifying or at times, without even asking them for a proper justification for their actions. In a way, I am glad that I have been diagnosed with such excruciating pains at this earlier age, when I am capable of recovering from them and take proper actions to control them too. I still think about the months when I was immovable from my cysts attacks and sciatic pain, and all I would do is cry in my pillow! It’s scarring. But the positive side is, I can share it with the people I care and help them get over their ailment too! During this time of pain, I tried not to stop myself from having a normal life. I would put up a smile and go to work, try to meet my friends and have a good time; and that’s what life taught me with these events! No matter what happens to you, you can and you must, always move on! Life is not meant to be easy; it’s how you face it’s challenges that defines you.

I have tried to slow down my walking speed to a great extent. I used to cover 4kms in 20mins and used to keep challenging myself everyday. But now, I am happy to walk 1km in 10mins and take life slow! There is no rush anymore, as I know the speed can only fetch me so far!

Speak to your body and work with your mind. As somebody said correctly, your mind is the most powerful tool! It really can do wonders when you control everything within you, with it. Trust me, I have been there 🙂

  1. First off, welcome back to blogging! Hope you’ll share some of your Europe posts soon 🙂

    Also, I definitely agree with you on the running/walking. I don’t really try too fast really fast now, just fast enough to kind of enjoy the run (if that makes sense, haha!).

  2. Welcome back to blogging! I took a break over the summer as well after feeling burnt out. Can’t wait to see your Europe travel posts! Hoping to visit there soon and could do with some inspiration. I agree with you the body is equipped with healing itself we just need to give it some time and let it do it’s thing.

  3. my dad was sick for a long time – and we believe that what kept him alive for a good number of years despite his organs failing was his will to keep on going. So i resonate with your insight- the mind really is a powerful tool. I’m sorry you had to go through all these painful experiences, but i’m really glad you’ve found an effective way to manage it. Sending you healing light from the Philippines. 🙂

  4. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. I agree with you because this happened to a Tita of mine. A young doctor was also recommending her surgery for her knees but instead of getting scared, she got some rest and asked for a second opinion from another doctor. Turns out, she didn’t need the surgery too. Her knee still hurts but she’s exercising it and taking small measures to get better, which for her is working. More people should really give it time and not make decisions right away. Let our body heal. 🙂

  5. Sometimes, taking a break is good. I did take a break also with life when my anxiety resurfaced. Traveling is one way of comforting yourself and I am excited to read about your journey to Europe! Hope you are well!