Happy Solo-ship!


“To wander is to be alive.”
Roman Payne, Europa: Limited Time Edition

The idea of traveling solo, goes way deep into an individual’s personality. For me, it’s in the search of freedom and peace!

Solo trips have taught me a lot of things, the major one being self realization. When I’d first moved out of my house for college, I treated myself as a free bird 🙂 Unaware of the real world or it’s actors, that I was kept away from so long. Thus, I learned the concepts of “betrayal”, “hypocrite” and “true love”.

This adventure started in my life from 2008, when I’d traveled alone for the first time, to Mandarmani. I still recall the fear as well as happiness I’d experienced during that journey and stay. Having no job at that time, my only option was saving from the monthly cash I was sent from home. With that, I could afford just-enough food for 2 days.

My next few travels began from 2013, starting with me setting foot in the States. Even though I’d not call this (these) as leisure travel(s), I did explore a lot of places and things on my own. Post this, I explored Bangalore (where I was staying since 2010), on foot and bus. Next, I explored Puducherry, Hyderabad and Varkala.

All of these travels have shown me different things every time –

  • How well one can stay with minimum spend on accommodation and food.
  • How to meet new people and actually talk to them with a free mind and heart.
  • Serenity is best achieved with no thoughts in mind.
  • Ways of fighting your worst of fears and realizing they never were or can be true.
  • When various difficulties arrive out of nowhere, how help approaches, also out of nowhere.
  • You automatically obliterate every bug from your regular life.
  • Learn how to read various people; their expressions, emotions and moods, with focused observation.
    • Believe it or not, it helped & still helps me know the different kinds 🙂
  • It’s easier to complete your to-do list with no set planning needed.
  • It’s not so difficult for a female to travel unaccompanied or independent.
  • How much some things or people back home mean and matter for you.
  • When you see some old couple having fun on their vacation, if you feel the view, you realize a lot about life.
  • The biggest thing is…. you are not the only solo one there.

“…if we’re all alone, then we’re all together in that too.”

– P.S. I Love You (2007)

So far I’ve taken very few solitary vacations, but I’m hungry to see more and I’m sure I will!


Having been to the mountains, snow, forest, desert and plain beautiful architectures, I evidently discovered that I love the sea THE MOST! It helps me soothe my soul!!!


  1. I haven’t travelled by myself outside the country yet. It’s something I’ve yet to do. Even though, I have fears (as a woman) to travel alone… I know I’ll be able to learn a lot from it. Btw, love this quote you shared – “…if we’re all alone, then we’re all together in that too.” Cheers! ~

    ❤ There’s More to Mica // http://www.micadeleon.com

  2. “To wander is to be alive.” What a wonderful quote. Travelling is a great teacher. Doing it solo does allow us to explore not only the world but also ourselves. 😊

  3. I’ve always wanted to do this but I am so scared. A lot of factors are sinking in whenever I try. Hmmm would you suggest a place where I can start with this?

    • Since you’re residing in Ph…Why don’t you try look for a place that’s really off beat and serene… just explore your options of the sea, mountains or just plain land 🙂 you’ll definitely connect with one beauty of nature and that’d be all you need to enjoy the solo travel:)

  4. Awesome! I haven’t traveled solo yet but it’s on my 2016 bucketlist! Hope I’ll have as much fun as you do and I hope that I’ll also learn a lot!

  5. When I experienced my first heartbreak, I traveled solo and it wasn’t too good tbh. You’ll just cry during the whole travel and wishing you had someone with you. I think it’s perfect to travel solo when you’re in better shape. After I give birth soon, I will push solo travelling. Hopefully!

  6. I was able to travel solo last February. I went to Baguio for just a day tour to witness the Panagbenga and I still can’t believe that I was able to overcome my fear… it surprisingly went successful contrary to how my paranoid mind is expecting to happened hehe.. I wish I can do more solo travels soon

  7. I’ve traveled solo too much in my college days that now I don’t want to go anywhere without my family haha. Maybe if I were still single and childless I would consider going on a sabbatical alone, it is a pretty great experience, but right now I love traveling with my crowd.

  8. Looking forward to experiencing everything you realized or learned during your solo trip on my very own solo-ing next year! Glad to know that we girls can still travel even without companion safely. It’s a great relief for a worrier like me. Cheers to more solo travel, sis! 🙂