What If…

What If…

Blend in and dissolve!

Life, as we know it, is very intense and complicated! It’s teaches us so many lessons and throws us down the pit to crawl back up on our own. Makes us feel miserable at times, not letting us think straight or be sane!


But is it really that bad? Do we know for sure that whatever hurts us is always bad and never good? Do we know anything for sure?

Life is a small word with loads of blame to carry; because we never want to blame ourselves…


If there was never a heartbreak; we’d have not known what love is…

If we were never taught to cry; we’d have never been able to shed happy tear…

If there were no physical wounds; we wouldn’t have learnt about the value of scars…

If we were never taught about any of the negative emotions; we would have never experienced the lightness of the positive feelings…

If we’d have never fallen down as a baby; we’d have never known the joy of getting up… Ever!

Try to unlearn everything that you’ve gathered over the years and imagine how life would be with all these things gone! Great?

  1. I agree! Everything in life is binary. We would never know joy without sadness. This is looking at life with a different perspective and accepting the situation we are in so we could move on. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Without all those negativities, we will never be ourselves once more. At times, we just drop it in an instant, forget the things that hurt and begin moving forward with our lives. In another phase, it’s give or take too. Sometimes, I wish I could just easily forget about hurtful things.

  3. That’s how I looked at life ever since I was young. The good times will come when the bad times end. You can’t live life with rainbows forever – there are going to be times it will give you the most sour lemons. But it’s what you do with the lemons that count. Thanks for this great reminder!

  4. I truly agree with all your points here, which I personally realized all these things as well. Everything is temporary here on earth even our emotions. So, I rather let go and unlearn to get to embrace the new start and from there, I get experience a more meaningful life. Thank you so much for sharing this, truly it is an inspiration for all of us.

  5. I am absolutely agree with you, however personally I would think it would definitely not easy to unlearn all. Anyway, everything can restart to unlearn again, perhaps something new will be noted & useful then. Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  6. I agree that without our negative and painful experiences, we probably would not appreciate much the joys and victories that we have experienced in our lives. The negative experiences taught us lessons. They made us stronger. They taught us to persevere.

  7. This is such a great thoughts to ponder. I think it is all a matter of perspective. The status of your life right now depends on how you see things. Sometimes we tend to focus on the negative side ignoring all the beauty that life has to offer and those small things that actually played bigger parts in our life. Everything happens for a reason… it’s true that life can be playful sometimes but for me I always remind myself that God will not throw us any stones that we cannot catch!
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Sometimes asking what ifs is a bad thing. You could end up doubting yourself and feel regretful on something you shouldn’t. It’s also good that you ask those what ifs in that manner. That makes you feel better about what you’ve been through.

  9. Life is made out of challenges. It can’t be all milk and honey, and if it wasn’t for mistakes, for bad things that happen, we wouldn’t really know what happiness is, right? And it’s the mistakes that we do the ones we are learning from, and this is how we develop and become better peope.

  10. It is true, sometimes, all we really ever need is a shift in our point of view, in the way we see things, and the world, as well as our lives, would immensely improve! We ought to take the bad with the good, as they exist together for a reason. As they say, you can never really appreciate the sun if you were not able to go through the rain.

    Thank you for sharing this inspirational piece. May we all see life better from here on, and, yes, cheers to unlearning everything we’ve had to this day and notice how everything seems better.