Learn to live…

  1. (c) Sriparna’s Thoughts

Do you feel sad every time you have to let go of some-thing, some-place, some-one… Despite all the bad things that you may have experienced at a place, from anything or anyone, when the time of departure arrives you always only miss the good things…

Over the years, I thought I had learnt well to deal with the hollow that is left behind after letting go. But how can I do that if I’ve not even masterd the art of “letting go”! Memories are indeed as someone had wisely defined-the only things you’ll be left with!

Face the brutality of the world with pretence and harshness, while nurturing  everything good that’s within you…

  1. Yes, most of the time but this year I have learned to let things go. Mostly, material things and giving them to others who might put my stuff to good use. There’s also a saying, ‘one door closes, another one opens’. Sometimes letting go can also be good for us.

  2. It is not easy to let go. Sometimes life hits us very hard and we lose ourselves, we don’t know how to start over or how to let go of the things that hurt it. Sometimes we live with them inside us for years. It’s important to learn how to let go though because otherwise we will always feel a burden deep inside us and it will also affect the way we react to everything that is happening to us.

  3. I’m way too stubborn to master “the art of letting go” of persons/things I hold dear. I am neither proud nor ashamed it if, it just is what it is. And I agree with our last statement. The world is too harsh to face with anything other than a hard front, yet we must never forget to nurture the humanity within.

  4. Even if I am 4, 10 or now 30, letting go has been always difficult. I also thought the feeling before and I can manage as I grow old but it’s just the same thing. Your heart will break and you will learn to move forward again. It is just a cycle.

  5. I used to be so affected by periods of transition like letting go of people who meant a lot to me or in whom I have made some emotional investment through friendships. I had some difficulty moving on when I was younger. But as I grew older and found new friendships, I have grown emotionally also. It’s natural to feel sad when relationships need to end. It’s just a sign that we have valued the relationship.

  6. Letting go is a difficult thing and people need to cope up on their own ways. Personally, I take my time whenever I need to let go or miss people that have left a big mark in my life. However, we must power through it and keep on moving forward because that is the only way.

  7. Letting go is difficult for me too. But then I realise that is the best way to make our life less complex. Starting afresh is easier said than done. A friendly partner can be of big help here.

  8. This is so timely… I am currently dealing with something lately, and it greatly involves letting go. In my mind I know that it is the best thing to do, but it is so hard to do it. I keep praying that one day I’ll have the courage to really give it up and wait for the best for me.

  9. letting go is something to hard to do and practice. I must say, you could do it successfully if you feel a little indifferent. Because that means you no longer allow love or any emotion to let you hold on to something.

  10. For me, letting go of something/someone or some-place is the hardest thing I need to do. I am a person that attaches to people, places and things very hard, but once I am attached to them, I really don’t want to leave. So, when such a moment comes, it’s devastating. Every time I tell myself it is going to be easier the next time the same happens, so in a way, I make it a bit easier.