What are we leaving behind?

What are we leaving behind?

In the great run of our beautiful life, everything we achieve, are so wonderful; but at what cost?

So many generations have passed since our great grand-parents’ and so many things have been left out in terms of knowledge and culture! We think we know so much more than any of our ancestors; but how far is that true? We may be living in an advanced generation, but is our base really strong? Think about it…

How many of us really know the stories and actual processes, behind each of our festivals or ceremonies (for instance)? As a kid, I had experienced so many treats in each of our festivals (I am a Bengali, and our treats are numerous). But my mother always kept saying, that the rituals (for every occasion) were way more than what she’s able to do – “Our mother used to make us do so many other things; and it was so much more fun. I don’t even know how to prepare few of the dishes, that are a-must for this festival.” – is what she used to say!

Now, as I grew older and moved out of home, I started thinking too much into practicality. So if my mom ever asked me to follow certain things, around any of the festivals, I’d be like “Ya, whatever”.

But one fine day, I realized, this is how the chain is getting broken. Come to think of it:

Our ancestors were so happy and healthy, despite living with every individual they knew or not knew, following every ritual as they were meant to be. We today, believe in the concept of living by ourselves; not even family and let alone strangers. Even if we live with strangers for some time, is it ever, without any expectation of benefit? Absolutely not… and let’s just not get started on following any sort of culture step-by-step; for us, the shorter the better…

The amount of intelligence that thrived in our forefather’s minds, is way beyond the concept of advancement that we believe to be brilliance, in us. We may discover some unimaginable things, but we can never imagine what our ancestors had discovered! And did they not have questions in their minds like we do today? But their questions may have been more towards the knack of knowing more, unlike us, who question to challenge someone! And gradually, the true meaning or reason behind anything, has been lost…

We may have evolved drastically, but have we really? We are so dependent on machines, that we have lost the concept of “trying hard” to achieve something… even if it’s someone’s birthday; we have the Calendar to remind us!

Today, if you ask a simple question as “what do we call rigged gourd in <any> regional language” to any of your friends, who belong from that region; more than 90% chances are, they won’t know… So what the heck? We go to Google! But don’t you at all feel it’s sad? You trust a machine more than humans. The conversations between people, are subsiding because of all these system based intelligence… and how happy are we, with all the wealth and easy-going technology we have in place today? If you compare with the happiness of even our grand-parents, may be 10% (give or take) of that, is what we have!

But of course, it’s all a perspective 🙂


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  2. I agree with you, it is all perspective. And here is the thing, it is hard and often impossible to compare across generations. It is not as simple as this and that, and in black and white. For the circumstances are different. On one hand, we cannot understand the past generations as much as they’d like us to, simply because we did not live in their times. But the flip side of this is that they also feel the same way about us, too… and so do we and the next generation to each other.

  3. People have different takes on certain things. I agree with Sir Robert. One cannot simply compare people from different generations. Each generation has their ups and downs and we just have to appreciate it and accept the flaws that each has. After all, we are not perfect.

  4. Not eveything gets passed on to generations, what our great-grands worked hard for in their time definitely contributed to how different our life is today. 🙂

  5. Definitely a lot of agreeable points here. Sadly, tradition is just becoming something we “have” to do because “something bad will happen” or people will look at you a different way if you don’t observe it. Every generation is different, in their beliefs and their view on things. 🙂

  6. I totally agree with you. It seriously make me think how time has changed. My grandparents are from two different worlds. My grandparents from my dads side are Indian and from my mom- Black. Both have very interesting cultures and festivities. I grew up in a Western world and dont do half the things I used to do or what they taught me.

  7. Each generation has a unique aspects, that’s the thing lately, right now we loved shortcuts because we’re busy and tend to even shorter time to accomplish a lot of things, but we forgot the basic things already.

  8. It’s really a matter of perspective. Our grandparents had to deal with World War before and most of their time are spent on chores since they didn’t have machines to make life more convenient. So we can’t say truly say that they’re happier than us. So regarding on depending on Google rather than conversing, it really is up to the person if it makes him/ her happier.