Nothing Really…

Nothing Really…

One such Friday…with a friend… Just eat, drink, do your reading… and relax 🙂

[/media-credit] Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato & Red Velvet-Orange Cake
[/media-credit] Tiramisu

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”625″][/media-credit]

[/media-credit] All smiles 🙂


  1. The best way to spend Fridays: chilling with a friend over coffee and (maybe) reading. That’s a small slice of heaven right there. 🙂 Starbucks PH currently offers Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato as well, but I haven’t tried it yet. A friend said it’s really good. Is it, really? Unfortunately, what I tried was the Valencia Mocha, which I did not quite like (so different from the VM I tried ages ago which I loved).

  2. At some point we really need to flirt with ourselves by getting the things we want cause we sometimes need it. Have ourselves a break just like one of the famous advertisements in the television. Just like you, I have that kind of day as well, like I have nothing to think, buts just eat my favorite food and relax.

  3. At least you got time for yourself. I am so dreaming of complete rest but being a mommy has no free time. Everything needs to be finish quickly. Multitasking has been our friend.

  4. Spending precious time with a friend doing nothing is absolutely a wonderful idea. Moments like this are scarce when you are a mum, that is why I always look forward to meeting up with my friends from time to time!