Oh, the problems we have!


Problems in our lives, are just games played by our mind…

                             – I said it 🙂

But, if one thinks with a calm and sane mind, they may realize how petty all those so-called-problems really are. More often than not, these arrive as part of our life’s cycle; we just deal with them and move along.

Let’s see how few of us, deal with some real problems (identity of all the people are hidden on purpose):

When something’s missing…

I can never imagine a life without any one of my body parts; just can’t. Don’t have the faintest idea, how I can live without seeing, speaking, hearing, smelling, walking etc. Hence, when I come across someone with even one disability, I start wondering how they fight the battle, every day of their life. Once when I was in Hyderabad, during my lunch one fine day at a small restaurant, I came across a bunch of young folks, communicating with each other as well as placing their order using sign languages. It took me quite some time to realize that they were all deaf and dumb; and they were actually students from a nearby college for the people with that particular disability. I spent that whole evening dissolving the fact of how less bothered they were with their special condition and how happily they were living their lives with every breath.

Later that same month, on my commute to work, I came across another such person:

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”498″]20150515_091321[/media-credit]

At first, I did not notice him properly. Just as he was about to get down, I took a closer look at him:

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”431″]20150515_091524_001[/media-credit]

and I noticed the stick he was holding. Being curious, I rushed after him to get down at the same stop. I offered him help to cross the road, he denied with a smile. Then I asked him, where he was going. Quite understanding the point from where I rose this question, he replied in a very calm tone, “I lost my eyesight in an illness; but the company I used to work for, have been very helpful and made few arrangements for me to be able to do some paper works.” Been taken aback by the braveness and composed nature of dealing with the situation, I told him that I’d taken two pictures of him as I would one day want to mention him in one of my motivational notes, and asked him if he was okay with it. As he complied that day, I am mentioning him in this story! I am glad to have had the opportunity to witness this courage and way of life with my own eyes…

Again, quite recently I came across another set of people like this:

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”640″]20160625_140839[/media-credit]

I saw them walking down the lane since 8:30 AM on a Saturday, while I was out for breakfast with my friends. When I was done, after running some other errands on my way back home, I saw them coming out of a shop. I couldn’t help but go after them to ask if they needed any help. They turned back immediately and shoved a paper booklet in front of me. I read through it; it was a collection booklet for an organization of blind people. On it, the donation amount was mentioned to be Rs. 10. I automatically questioned them in surprise “Just Rs. 10?”. To that the man stated, it’s your wish below or beyond that. Well, I gave them a more reasonable donation and asked what they would do with the collection… They were collecting this money from across the city on behalf of the organization, that would take care of them and their fellow members. These people (pic taken with their permission) had no home or any family to look after them, so the organization and their members were their only hope. Well, I guess there’s a life I dread to have, but they are already living it…

Nothing much to do…

Being a big lover of kids, I easily gel with the happy ones and have some fun 🙂 This particular kid from few weeks back, is a bit different:

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”640″]Collages2[/media-credit]

He’s the newbie of our block, having moved recently to Bangalore with his parents and grandparents. That morning, he was playing around by himself, running up and down a slope. I noticed him getting tired after two rounds and limping; that’s when I noticed some belt based item on his legs. As painful as I thought it is, it’s something he’s been having to wear since the time he started walking, according to his Grandma. He’s having some disability (which his granny could not explain to me due to language differences) because of which his right side is not so strong and his legs cannot bear his entire body weight. Plus, he has a huge eye sight issue, due to which he also gets cranky at times resulting from a headache. But the kid looked just fine, for he’s obviously not aware of anything being wrong with him, because everything is just normal per his knowledge. And isn’t that just right? What is wrong with him? Nothing! He talked to me (a little shy), as well as played happily for a while and he’s the sweetest thing I have come across till date 🙂 Per his Grandma though, he might heal as he grow older, but the doctor isn’t so certain. And the best part of all, the family doesn’t care about it, as long as their kid is just happy 🙂

Some strong ones…

A morning out for tea with friends, we came across an old man outside the shop, selling some radium stickers. All he said while selling:

“Take a look at these; don’t buy if you don’t like!”

So, here was my question to him, “Why are you selling these?” And his answer to me was simple; “Because I don’t want to beg for money, that I need for food.”

Well, I didn’t need those stickers per say, but I bought them anyways. Here’s to a man with dignity…

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”640″]People's stories[/media-credit]

Two in transit…

There are two parts to one night, while I was about to travel for a trip. First, I noticed this family, which consisted of two men, two women and two kids.

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”640″]20160527_204417(1)[/media-credit]

One of the female was deaf and dumb, and she was the mother of the older girl, who appeared to be really quiet standing beside her father. That woman was a really playful one, and kept playing with the younger kid on her sister’s lap (I could make out they were sisters as they looked pretty similar) using signs and laughter 🙂

The father of the girl, seeing all the happy scenario and his girl busy as well, slowly moved his hand towards his chest pocket and brought out a packet. Not paying attention, I resumed watching the kids being playful. Suddenly the girl shifted her focus to her father and asked for giving her what he just had. The father shook his head with a smile. The girl kept asking for it; curious enough, I strained my eyes to see what exactly the father was having and the view just surprised me. It was a packet of Act II popcorn, and he was having the raw ingredients as snacks.. I wasn’t sure if he was aware of it’s actual consumption form or not, but he kept saying “No” to his daughter and directed her mother to make her stop. Right then, the other guy came with 2 tickets and asked the women to take the seats with the kids and that the guys will manage somehow. Well, it made me feel guilty thinking about how much money I’d generally waste, in having those tub popcorn in a movie theater or even travelling comfortably.

Right when I was thinking more into it, I was interrupted by a lady sitting next to me asking about the time. As I stated the time, she started making a conversation about the weather (it was raining heavily) and how much longer we both would have to wait until the people we were awaiting, arrived. As we started talking about our destination from thereon, I gathered that she and her husband, travel every weekend to see their 2 yr. old daughter. The reason their daughter stayed away from them was because, they could not afford for her day school and other stuff in the city. Though they both were working, their earnings were not enough to run through every expense of both of their parents, daughter and themselves. So they made the compromise, of keeping their daughter with their parents in the village and travelling every weekend to see her.

It was really painful to hear about their constant separation; especially for a child and her parents staying away from each other, missing out on having all the fun 🙁

A fighter…

Now, this is a short and simple mention about one of my friends. This lady has a huge set of good friends, people who care for her and has had a wonderful fun filled life since her youth days. However, she never married, so she stays alone.

Recently, at the age of 60(+), she was diagnosed with one of the most envious diseases; Cancer. When she started getting treated for the same, she used to drive herself to the hospital at the beginning of a session and later she would have a few friends staying with her until her recovery. It’s so wondrous to see her dealing with all these pain with so much of will power and bravery, I feel proud to be surrounded by such aura.

What most of us in various stages of our life consider as problems would be:

Our first heart break in our teens; No career satisfaction in our 20’s; Low (or No) bank balance close to our 30’s; yada yada yada… But how big or small they really are? We all have different types of problems in our lives, but not one of ours in particular is the biggest, if you start seeing others. Empathize and be a problem solver; we will always have some to deal with, throughout our lives!

  1. Sad moment in life don’t has to be worst moment in life. If people around are helpful, many problems of people with disabilities would be much easier. They don’t want you to help them walk in apartment or walk across the street, they want to do it alone. We as society must help them by building special crossroad signs or adopted stairways it doesn’t cost us much more. They also want to work and be useful part of society.

  2. I am so impressed with the man selling you something you do not need so he doesn’t have to beg. WOW! Ok… problems. We are either born with more difficulties than others or not. But that is not an excuse, it’s just that there is a little more they have to do to accomplish goals. Wallowing in self-pity is counterproductive and can do harm not only to self but to people around us because of our negativity.

    Here is a related post: http://www.amazinglifedaily.com/personal-problems-dealing/

  3. Beautiful story! It’s true, often you’re so occupied with everything going on in your life. And minor problems. But there’s so much more. And it’s so nice to help people! 5 years ago I started a foundation and for 5 years I organised a yearly event for children with disabilities. It was a day where they could play with other kids and have fun. And we would make goodiebags with some presents and food for their parents. Every year about 300 disabled children came to this event. I was always very happy to help them just a little bit, by making one day a bit easier.

  4. Unfortunately there are a lot of people with disabilities that try to fight their illness and do something for a better life. These are the people we should admire. Life is hard on them but they don’t give up.

  5. It is hard to loose something that you have specially if you grew up with it but one should be brave, be a fighter and move on. I believe that problems or challenges were given to us because it comes with a lesson

  6. Yes I agree it’s important to keep these in perspective. It’s easy to think that our problems are the only problems out there. I’m very impressed by the courage shown by these people you have featured. I especially admire the little boy with braces! Kids are just amazingly resilient!

  7. I really admire people like these. They don’t hinder themselves because of their disability and that is one of the things those who are born blessed and complete physically should reflect from.

  8. The world is for the brave and we , the able bodied ones , must consider ourselves lucky that we do not have to face as many adversities as these people whom you have featured.
    Hope to read more of such posts from you.

  9. I love how you wrote everything. I often tell my boys to be thankful of the blessings that come their way because they may not have shoes and complain about it but others do not even have a feet at all. Love to share this to my boys n

  10. We do face a lot of problems everyday, sometimes we focus more of ourselves, thank you for this inspirational content, we need to be awaken that there are those people who really need help compared to us, they are there fighting a huge fight daily considering their problem is bigger than us, they still have hope.