Religion is not a crime


“Human Being” is a wonderful creation by Almighty. The intention behind this creation was to give capability to feel, think, love, express, be generous and kind. With evolution of this race evolved a more brutal concept; Inhumanity. 

In today’s world, the biggest enemy of any person, is another one. The most uncertain thing that can happen to someone, is also a person. If you come to think of all the reason behind these, you will find none, as there is none. These things are happening for mere lapse of judgement and overpowering of greed. But that doesn’t signify that “His” ultimate creation does not exist anymore. We do have good still present between us; all we need is the open mind and eyes to realize them.

No one is/should be generalized as bad because of other’s actions.
HInduism, Islam, ChrIstianity, SIkhism, BuddhIsm or JaInism… AlmIghty says, “I” am everywhere… respect and love everyone, unless proven to be wrong for their individual actions!