Review: The Story of A Suicide

Review: The Story of A Suicide

In today’s world, how many of us really understand the value of love and life? Let alone the hidden meaning behind these words. As generations have gone by, it seems to to have taken a small piece of our culture, heart and feelings along with it. Sriram Ayer takes us on a stroll along few such lives, with his marvelous work; The Story of A Suicide

It starts with a suicide note, which one can not relate to, until the end… Gradually, we get to learn about the key characters’ lives; Sam, Mr. Hegde, Hari, Anju, Charu, Alex, Aditya… and realize how trickily each of their lives get inter-mingled as the plot starts to build.

First, you feel sad about the breakup between two lovely people, but then you start feeling differently for one out of the two. You sadly learn the reality, of how hatred can overcome love at times; and it can blind you to such an extent, that your following actions impact more lives than intended. Subsequently, you also apprehend the difficulty, that some of us with different sexual partner choices, still face! No matter how much you keep your life’s darkest experience and deepest secrets to yourself, because no one believes you, it catches up eventually. Sexual abuse, in person, through media, via telecommunication, or whatever other modes possible, is very disparaging; be it from some one you know, you love, or you don’t know at all!

Ever think of the simpler times when social media didn’t exist? Part of Gen Y and Gen Z, will never even know such times. With the spread of this fire, people feel sharing their lives with the world a smart way of living! What they forget, is that in doing so, they are actually making themselves more vulnerable for their antagonists. In the story, that’s the root of the ultimate destruction!!! A lover, hindered by hatred that rose from pain, chases dreadful methods to get back to his girl. In the trail of doing so, he accidentally aggravates emotions elsewhere.

The victim, a simple person with complicated choices, initially unaware of the mishaps that overshadow him, eventually, loses all hopes and power to think. The only awareness that triumphed the mind, was love for the loved ones, hurt from the dearest, and disappointment to the closest…

This masterpiece is an exact replica of the goings-on. People hope, anticipate, get disappointed and choose the wrong paths. In an ideal world, humans being a social creature, are also called the most intellectual and sensible animals. Most of you, when you read the book, will be able to relate yourself to one or more of the characters; but take a step back and think, did you do exactly what they did? Or did you choose otherwise? I could relate myself to more than one, and in the end, I was glad to have made completely different choices in life than them. Life will always give you fall-flat-on-your-face situations, even take away everything that makes sense in your world; but that’s the challenge. You need to face them briskly and with tranquility. Think before you take an action, about the involved people’s sentiments, about it’s intensity and purview and mostly, about your conscience…

Live a life, not to end it, but to cherish it beyond!


  1. This is heavy stuff and the only way I could be sure was to read it three times. I think for any of us, when we hear or know about life of another person, there is always at least some common grounds. We are naturally able to relate. Yes, life is about choices, and no matter how similar circumstances may be, it is only similar, and not exactly the same. Life choices therefore is not fixed.

  2. I have never heard about The story of a suicide, I cheked the webpage and it looks great. Not just the text is good, but I like the illustration too. Thank you for the great review, I’m gonna send for one of my friend who has the same life story.

  3. This sounds tragic but could be something relatable to some people. Love is a beautiful thing, but it can also bring heartaches. Getting hurt is part of allowing oneself to feel love. It’s just that people have different ways of coping with pain.

  4. This is a very good review ! I have seen and read quite lots of differnt reviews , not all provide that good information you do. Yes , suicide is such a big thing , I know a few people who have left us , because they decided to do so. We will never really get to understand what drives some people to do that last desperate step , to step out of life. I have already bookmarked the website to read more about the story of a suicide.

  5. Had to take time to really understand the plot of the story. I agree with Robert. This one is really heavy stuff but something that we all can reflect on. Based on the summary you shared with us, I could say that I too could relate on some points with the character. There are times that you ask yourself, is it still worth it to live especially when you think you are in that dark tunnel. But yeah, some of us are lucky enough to see a glimpse of light at the end of that tunnel and pursue moving forward.

  6. Great review! The story also depicts reality. Many of us particularly those who suffer from depression ends up killing themselves. Such stories should be observed so that many would learn from it.

  7. That description for hatred reminds me of a crime that happened back at my homeland, when that one guy was so blinded with hatred that he killed a stranger. With different characters being involved I always like that kind of setting and as such, it makes me interested in reading the story. You do share a valuable a lesson as well. I believe one’s character from how they were raised from childhood has a lot to do with resisting or pulling back whenever they feel the need to commit an atrocity.

  8. This sounds like a very interesting read and rather timely, too, what with the stories of popular people suffering from depression and taking their own lives dominating the news and social media for several times this year. Suicide can be a result of so many intermingling factors, and I must agree, that living in this day and age when people seem to think that to validate one’s emotions, experiences, and victories, it must be shared to the rest of the world, oblivious to the fact that the only way to live life happily is in private, with the people that truly matters.

    Life can oftentimes be complicated but it does help to always look at the bright side no matter what and, I strongly believe, a strong faith in the Creator. I hope I can get my hands on a copy of this book one of these days.