Review: Biergarten

Review: Biergarten

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Last weekend, we thought of making an exploring stop to one of the Breweries of Whitefield, Bangalore and we just loved it! The beers are pretty good and the food is even good-er 😉

While we had gone there just for a friend’s hangout, we ended up watching the IPL cricket match as well. And let me tell you this, every staff member made sure to address all our comforts… not just food and beverages, our seating choices to get a proper view of the screen as well :p

Their European seating is really, really huge and the ambiance is perfect for every outdoor nights (not day times in summer for sure). The ambiance is brilliant and the amount of greenery they have within, is just marvelous!

[/media-credit] The entrance!
[/media-credit] Base seating area!

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”alignleft” width=”690″][/media-credit]







[/media-credit] Live streaming of match! Yay:)
[/media-credit] Up stairs to the next floor


[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”alignleft” width=”625″][/media-credit]

[/media-credit] A wheat and a lager!
[/media-credit] Some crispy baby corn for the munchies…
[/media-credit] The very tasty, mutton ghee roast!
[/media-credit] and they serve it with a Paratha
[/media-credit] Half empty or half full?
[/media-credit] They say they’re European, but they serve everything 🙂 Andhra style chili-chicken!
[/media-credit] Diavola Con Pollo Pizza..
[/media-credit] Cheers!!!
[/media-credit] Eat, Drink and be merry… not just a Thanksgiving saying 🙂








  1. My partner absolutely loves beer so I hope you don’t mind, I have forwarded him the link if ever we are visiting!

    I also have a lot of admiration that you were able to take such beautiful images in such challenging lighting! Before I became a photographer I would never have been able to achieve such a thing!

    Well Done and keep up the amazing work! 🙂

  2. I’m liking the design of the place. I’ll be honest I’m not much of a drinker since I get allergies from certain alcohols so I tend to pass. I won’t be passing on the food you got there, looks so yummy. Specially, that pizza! Haha.

  3. this is certainly a great place to chill out.. it looks really quiet and the atmosphere is seemingly so relaxing! I really don’t drink beer but the food is what excites me the most!
    That diavolla con pollo pizza looks so divine!
    thanks for this great review and thanks for sharing it with us

  4. This looks like a chill place to be for casual conversations or just catching up with your friends or partners. The food really seems to be sumptuous and that it’s enticing. I wonder how you captured your photos since the place is dim-lighted. 😀

  5. This looks like a fun and chill place. If I visit India, I’ll make sure to drop by here and bring new Indian friends with me. The food you mentioned sounds so foreign to me but I’m sure it’s pretty good. Cheers to a good life!

  6. You are right, the ambience is very very nice. My boyfriend just adores beer, so this would be the first place I would take him to. And since I adore food, biergarten would be ideal for both of us. I like the place, it’s really cool. 🙂

  7. Bangalore without pubs would be like a body without soul! I once went to a pub that was on a rooftop . This one looks amazing. The stairs are well lit which is so thoughtful of the owners. I shall visit it once I am in Bengaluru.

  8. I miss drinking beer. It is such a lovely event to attend to. I love dressing up and attending events/parties like this. Looks like you had a great time. I hope you do.