The Seeker & The Helper

The Seeker & The Helper

Every time I hear the word Help, the first comment that pops up in my mind, is the one from fictitiously famous Albus Dumbledore

Help will always be given to those who seek it…

And isn’t that so true and relevant? How often do we seek help for the things that can really mess us up? My survey (conducted within the organisation I work) says only 1 out of 10 have the guts and do not feel ashamed of asking help to deal with their minds. I asked the remaining 9, “WHY NOT?”. Isn’t that a very relevant question? Don’t you think that matters of one’s mind is to be dealt with, on priority and with caution?

I have heard people say that they do not feel depressed at all, or that they have never seen anyone depressed, or straight forward – depression does not exist; it’s just a state of mind! To the last one I say, even if it were a state of mind, is that none of your concern?

Millions of families have lost some of their loved ones in light of self-dealing. Suicide, self harm, pointless sadness are some of the basic tendencies. Breaking the shell of ego and fear, we must all come upward to fight with our problems, because we too can be really happy 🙂

Now comes the question of HOW? WHERE? WHEN? WHO?

You will find the answer to all these questions on Talkspace; a convenient way to talk to someone who knows, to get a better insight and positive perspective of looking at things. If I was aware of this a few years ago while dealing with myself, I would have had a good support for an early recovery. Finding a therapist was so hard at that time; I remember the struggle I had to go through. The common questions passing my mind were:

  • Will the therapist be understanding enough?
  • What if I am judged?
  • Can I trust this person with my entire history?

It took me months to let go of these questions and take a bold move of making an appointment. My fist session was very awkward of course. I took a long time to even speak up. But my therapist was so patient with me; she kept on offering me water and kept probing me about general stuff; it wasn’t until my 3rd session that I finally cracked my shell open and broke down instantaneously. Was it hard?

“No! But it was relieving. It felt like a cold boulder lifted from my neck.”

I started vising her often and started feeling new and better after every session. I thought everything was going to be perfect now, until one day when she told me that she had to move out of the country due to some family complications. I wasn’t disheartened, because she said I could deal with myself much better now and that she felt I could do perfectly well without her. For a year and a half I was doing great, until I encountered with some issues (that’s how life is for everyone :)) which dragged me down again. This time, I did not have the time to find a therapist. And that’s where the stars aligned and introduced me to Talkspace. With this forum, I do not have to wait for particular session time any more. I can get help whenever I want; wherever I am comfortable; from anyone I choose, since every therapist here is licensed and comes with a proper background check. Help is just a message away 🙂

With the world going so high on technology, I am really happy that a platform like this is invented. Having taken quite some time to discuss about my problems, I try to motivate so many others like me to come forward soon. And I have extended a helping ear to everyone who has reached out to me till date! Being on the listening side of the table is very difficult and I salute all the therapists who are helping so many of us deal with our problems and be happy for no reason 🙂

I reach out to you all saying, you are not alone. We are all players in the various games our minds play. So lets be a sport 🙂

Ask and you will be answered;

Seek and it will be found;

Talk and you will be heard;

Extend your hand and it will be held;

Help is just round the corner; all you have to do is just send a message.