What’s going on in your mind right now? Right at this moment, that you are reading every word written in here?

Take a pause…inhale… think…………………………………………………………………………………………..

We all have so many things going on in our minds every second of the day while we are awake; at times, even when we are unconscious! Isn’t that too much of a pressure on a muscle? Imagine constantly placing an iron brick on your head…painful, yet unnecessary!

Offload some of those thoughts for good…

All of us know, that alongside the brain we have our sinful heart involved in this activity☺ Yet, how often do we achieve anything by carrying it out? Unless of course, we are thinking about things for which we do have any solution. By overthinking about every minute detail of our lives, we lead ourselves to depression.

According to WHO: more than 300 million people of all age groups around the world, suffer from depression; and the majority are women.

If only we could train ourselves to stop thinking when it’s really not needed, we could and would save us from so many other things along with depression…

My Dad always used to say –

“What you can’t solve, is not a problem at all!” and

“Ego, must go”.

Did you know our own ego acts against us majority of the times? That’s what leads us to take wrong, rash decisions. Let us try to help ourselves and each other, to overcome the simplest of the obstacles of our lives, which we make complicated on our own.

Take a deep breathe, calm your mind, calm your body, relax your soul and stop thinking for a while!

[/media-credit] Beyond the clouds, lie the real things. Unblock your mind and only keep what matters!

  1. I think this is truly timely as I really need to read an article like this. You’ve just reminded me that I’m also human that needs serenity sometimes. I’ve been busy with so many things lately and sometimes my mood is spreading everywhere. Thank you so much for sharing about this one with us. I really find it helpful and interesting to read.

  2. Well this post made me think of all the things I’m thinking of right now ha ha. My brain is constantly thinking of something. Wish it would just relax for a moment. Taking those deep breaths right now

  3. when you say stop thinking I feel you’re referring to meditation which are ways to relax the mind. I feel though that with how fast paced this world have been, especially with overload of information it would be a bit difficult. But your post is sure timely for someone who needs to stop and look at his or her problems from another angle. 😀

  4. Been pretty stressed as of late and reading this just gave me a slap to the face. Overthinking just doesn’t help. This post is so timely, just what I needed to brush of these problems *breathing deeply, exhaling deeply, calming down*

  5. I love this post! Let your ego go is the main thing I get taught at my yoga practices. As soon as I started doing that, everything else made sense and the stress is going! Still need to train my brain a bit but I’m so glad I learnt this. Ree love30

  6. What’s going on in my mind.. A lot haha. Work! Working on several projects. And Weekend of Hell. That’s en event I’m attending this weekend. Can’t wait for us to leave for Germany tomorrow morning. It’s hard to stop thinking! But it would be good to do that from time to time. Good tip!

  7. Yes give the brain a break! 🙂
    Take life the way it comes. Too much planning too spoils the surprise element of life.

  8. This is something i needed too! Im actually exhausted with all the crazy things going on in my mind. Like i wanna embrace everything in one grasp but i know i can’t. Ego must go! Thanks for reminding me what i should be doing.. mind decluttering is also therapeutic though..

  9. Agree. Sometimes, all we need to do is just pause and stop thinking. Perhaps we just stare at the ceiling and appreciate the whiteness of its color or just stare at the window and pause. After pausing for a while, we are ready to face the world or perhaps ourselves.

  10. I am rreading your blog after , I think 6 months! Is there something bothering you that you wrote this post?
    To get rid of our ego is the most difficult task. It is a daily task and those who are free from ego never use the letter, ‘I’. No?