Why one would return?


All the travelers out there, definitely have that ONE favorite place!

For me, it’s officially Varkala, Kerala. Situated approximately 45-50 KMs, North-West of Thiruvananthapuram, this place is one of the hidden off-beat beauties of Kerala. The moment you reach there and your feet is touched by the cool Arabian Sea on the Odayam Beach, you get released from every negative thing that may have kept you occupied until then. The reason that this place is so close to my heart, is because of the sparse crowd and the doing-nothing-ness that it implants within me…

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The sound of the tides splashing against the shore and the waves rising against the sea, are very rhythmic; as I start listening to the music the sea offers, I slowly wander away to a never-land!

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Since, my visit to this place this year was right when the monsoon was entering, it entitled me to get a greater view of nature’s beauty!


During this repeat trip to Varkala, I got the chance to visit the northern part of the place, called the Varkala Cliff, along with my friend. It was the undiscovered city-side of Varkala; being the hub of various restaurants and small shops, this place attracts a lot of tourist, to spend their spare time. Just a walk along the cliff side, keeps you exploring more and more.

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Pic above: as you ascend the cliff and the sea-view from above

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The walk was hugely encouraged and entertained by the soft drops of rain touching my face, accompanied by the cool wind. While sitting in one of the restaurants on the cliff, when the rain had just stopped, the various shades of Blue revealed themselves from the sky, to the sea:

[media-credit name=”(c)Sriparna” align=”aligncenter” width=”640″](c)Sriparna[/media-credit]

and these shades have always helped me get out of my blues of life, just as instantaneously and easily, as they look gorgeous!

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Right before bidding goodbye to the serenity, the sunny side of nature was visible; as though smiling at me and welcoming for the next visit soon 🙂

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As I’d mentioned in one of my previous posts, that the sea soothes my soul… It really does:)

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Tell me what relaxes you the most!

Have a wonderful life 🙂

  1. Indeed, the place looks peaceful and a perfect place for relaxation and reflection. The sea soothes my soul as well! It doesn’t matter if I’m just gazing at it and listening to the sound of the waves.

    My favorite place here in the Philippines is quite similar. I also liked its remoteness, and it also has cliffs that give wonderful views of the sea below. I’d just been there once, and I hope to go back sometime soon. I wrote about it, and yeah the title is a little dramatic. 🙂 In case you want to see it: http://www.taraletsanywhere.com/calayan-island-cagayan/

  2. Love the tides, splashing on my feet, I just did my mini vacation just last week, but the group loves more on mountain climbing and feel the nature at the mountains, nice blog and thanks for sharing all the beautiful scenes

  3. I’ve been returning to Singapore. I just feel so relaxed and safe there. I’ve been to Singapore 4 times and still can’t get enough of what this small country has to offer. I want to explore other Asian countries too and hopefully find another one worth returning to.

  4. I am tryng to find one place where I would like to return to… But I can’t. You see, being separate from my kids who lives with their mom (now friend), I think the places I would love to be is wherever we spend time together, me and the kids. See, the place doesn’t matter. It is who I spend time with that does.

  5. The waves look very strong. I am glad you are safe. The sand is seems very fine. I bet its really easy and comfy to walk on the shore <3

  6. It looks like an awesome place. I had never heard of Varkala, Kerala before. But I must say the pictures look very nice. A walk on the beach is always nice. I was i a hotel once in Florida, the text on the wall was: “At the beach, life is simple”. Loved that.

  7. I understand then why you would keep on coming back. The waves look kinda strong and yet I could feel (looking at the pictures) a sense of serenity, love and acceptance. If I am to travel again, I would like to go back to the mountains. Trek it, eat there and sleep through the night and be embraced by the cold wind.

  8. I can’t blame you why Varkalas is ‘the one’. Haha. Such a paradise! I remember writing an article about the city I fell in love and will forever be. Amazing how a place can make travelers’ heart beat so fast. 🙂

  9. My favorite destination is Cebu a city here in the Philippines. Have been there thrice already but I still want to go back. It is great that you found your one true destination that you love!

  10. The place looks exquisite. In my case, the place that relaxes me the most is a little stream which is close to my childhood home. It has as a tree next to the banks with a tire swing and everything. Me and my friends used to go there a lot a skids. Now, we’ve all gone our separate ways, but every time I’m in my hometown, I always visit that place. It hasn’t changed a bit. It’s still as peaceful as ever.

  11. Stunning photos and videos, you really did capture natures beauty. I also feel relaxed when strolling along the beach. The splash of water when it hits the rocks does have a calming effect. The sea rejuvenates my soul as I do a lot of diving and snorkeling.

  12. Looks like a great place for a swim. Based on the photos though, it looks like the weather was a bit gloomy. The waves are pretty rough too. But when the skies are blue, Varkalas looks like a real untouched paradise.

  13. No wonders it’s your favorite spot! When the sea is calm, the more that it will show it’s beauty. I live the beach too.. But I like it super calm with bright skies. It makes time stop and makes you want to just lay down and watch the birds fly.