My story behind Writing

My story behind Writing

Introvert by nature and extrovert by choice

– That’s my definition…

I have always had a knack for writing and also knew I am not good at it 🙂 As I grew up, I realized that the one thing I lack at, which becomes a major factor in writing, is boasting about any particular point… For me, I can only go on until all my points are stated. This has always kept me lagging somehow, in terms of socializing with unknown people too. But as you move forward, it’s the unknown ones who impact your growth in life the most!

All these years, I have only been sharing stuffs with my best friends; Pen and Paper. It wasn’t until April 2015, that I decided to start sharing some things with a bigger audience. It was (still is, at times) a bit difficult to give words to my thoughts, but I kept (keep) trying. I would ideally not call myself a blogger of any particular genre, because I love and want to spread various messages to the world!!! I am more philosophical and self experience sharer than anything else. As part of sharing experiences, I get intimidated and feel like writing about some of the beauty and fashion related stuffs at times! But that’s not my ideal area of interest… Now, travel, life, love, people, nature, living beings, hobbies, creativity, learning etc. these are my ultimate motivation for writing. I believe in trying to share more with everyone, enabling them to think better and beyond; gain varying perspectives and be the ultimate soul.

By pursuing this, I’ve attained some of my goals;

Talking about few people in my life, who’ve inspired me throughout; Discussing about some philosophy and life lessons, which have helped me grow; Sharing some creativity and innovations, that have motivated me to keep moving forward;

so on and forth… But the best things that my writing has done to me are:

  • Meet new folks, who in the run, became friends
  • Learn new words, thereby increasing my vocabulary… an ongoing process 🙂
  • Refresh my bond with some old friends, who I had lost touch with for years
  • Learn how supportive some of my life mates really are 🙂
  • Study and explore my inner self
    • Afterall, knowing yourself is the best knowledge
  • Consume the fact, that one can gain more important things than mere money, from doing what they love to do…

Will I achieve my ultimate goal of reaching out to everyone? May be one day I will… Hopes are always high!

Am I afraid of getting dissolved in the crowd? Not really, as I am not really competing!

How long will I continue on this? As long as I can 🙂

I hope your support continues… Lots of love people <3

  1. It’s great what you are doing. Writing posts is all about expression if you want to stay true to yourself. It may be difficult at times, but what was difficult will soon become easy if you keep on doing it. As you read other blogs too, you learn and improve your own writing. I do that. So, I wish you all the best and may you continue to write and share what you value. #AmazingLifeDaily

  2. Great write-up ! I believe , you’re on the right track , and your attitude will help you to get finally where you want to go. I talk/chat with so many blogger of all kind of topics/niches. And I have found out , that most of them are getting slaves of their own stats , they get way too sullen and obsessed about all that ranking nonsense. Of course we want to be noticed , but it doesn’t work with using a “crowbar” . It takes time , but I am sure as with all in life , at the end quality will win ! Building up an audience isn’t easy in this huge blogosphere.

  3. For those of us who have a love affair with writing, we all know how it does wonders for our souls. We have our own reasons & whatever these reasons are, at the end of the day, we find joy in writing. It was in 2003 that I decided to write semi-publicly. I mean, my blog is there but I just know that I am the type who isn’t into PRs and that BUT I do enjoy reading other people’s blogs. I learn a lot from them and I think when they do visit my blog, they also learn from me ( hopefully … ) …. so, just continue what you’re doing and if it makes you happy, go for it. I certainly look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

  4. Go go go! I started my blog also to just express myself. Through it though, I’ve met some friends. What’s really nice is when you get feedback of how your writing has helped and inspired others.

  5. That’s great that you are working to achieve your goals. Everyone has a different reason for writing. I would say that I write because I like to teach people about things I have learned. Is there any particular reason that you want to reach out to everybody?

  6. Blogs are a good way to express yourself but also to meet new people. The most important is to stay faithful to yourself but also to write about what you wanna write. Then you share with others and exchange about with others. When introvert, online is a good way to meet to new people and step by step you start meeting in real and become more confident in time. In any cases, if you love writing, never stop. Keep writing, always

  7. It’s so cool to get to know new people because of your blog. I have that too. I love sharing my lifestyle. Even if people don’t bother.

  8. just keep your passion in writing flowing… do what you really want to do be it writing or any else! I’m not good in writing and I really have issued with grammar but blogging helped me in many ways… this is my tool to express what I feel and also act as my voice to share my thoughts! More power to you !

  9. Yes! Just keep on doing what you love and eventually you’ll reach multitudes with your passion. I’m also that type of blogger who couldn’t stick to a single niche because I keep on blabbering about other things but who cares right? XD Keep it up and happy writing! 😀

  10. I have always loved writing, i knew I love to write when I was in 1st grade. My mom has been supportive about it, i can remember the very first book she gave me was a dictionary. It didn’t make sense back then. But now, it all makes sense why. 🙂

  11. Writing is really a great way to express yourself especially if you have a hard time talking to the person directly. I remember before, if I can’t face someone yet, I’d write to them and pour out all my thoughts in that letter and hopefully, we get to talk. 🙂 Keep on writing!

  12. I have started using going to the library as a keystone habit. When you have a habit, motivation is easier. I am using a free website called to build Seinfeld chains. I get to add to the chain just for turning up at the library and staying there for the allotted time, then I have another chain for a fairly easy word count. I get exercise walking there and once there writing is all I can do. Using chains helps you to build habits and consistency. They give you some accountability. That is where success lies not in the level of your motivation. I couldn’t have been less motivated today, but I dragged myself down to the library and my quota is done. I’ve heard it said that progress is the best motivator.