Yet another inspiring tale!

Yet another inspiring tale!

Have you come across a person who has had a one kind of influence since childhood, but established somewhere completely different? Well, of the many that I have encountered, this is a small conversation share, about the one I know as my ex-professor, turned an influential friend; hailing from Kerala, born in the steel-city of Rourkela and currently living in Mumbai;

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Hardy Alexander has been all and seen it all!

So how was your childhood in Rourkela?

Well, I have been a person with simple tastes. Both of my parents used to work for SAIL which had influenced me enough to pursue a good education though I didn’t plan to end up with a Bachelor’s Degree in Metallurgy. In 1992, when I landed a job in INDAL, I almost thought I would retire therein. You know the typical state of mind within that place 🙂 In July that year though, I received an amazing offer from SAIL. But I had to disappoint my parents by turning it down…

Why were you not interested to join SAIL?

You see, when I had joined INDAL Co., though primarily I got allocated to the sales department, it had lighted interests within me for the same. Though SAIL was offering me a really high designation and I would have worked in my area of specialization, I thought otherwise and continued to explore my current work.

How did you grow in Sales?

In 1995, I had pursued a part-time MBA in Marketing Management from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. Thus, in 1997, when FedEx entered India, it gave me wings to establish my career in Sales. I started with the role of an Account Executive (US term for Sales professional); soon I became the first Business Development Executive in FedEx and was responsible to develop whole of Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry markets. At times I recall our product & sales training sessions, which used to be organized in Goa those days; imagine how exciting and fun-filled they used to be 🙂 That’s what interested me to become a trainer in the long run. In my 12 years of relationship with them, I had learnt and explored so much… starting from a good-on-field and thinking-about-others achievement, I realized that I had to become the best to train the best!

So you loved your new job as a Sales Facilitator, a lot. Did you face any challenges?

Well, FedEx had a rule you see; after 3 yrs. of being a sales facilitator, one had to go back to sales. I was part of the Global Sales team when I relocated to Bangalore in 2006. However, my move to Bangalore immediately followed my move to Delhi as Sales Facilitator, a dream role I always pursued in FedEx. I could not ask my family to undergo the painful process of shifting again, so I chose to go alone. Though this job gave me great exposure; conducting training sessions in India, Middle East, Sri Lanka, parts of Africa and Europe; it was increasing my distance from my family! So, in 2007, I had to end this journey 🙂

Where did you move next?

Honestly speaking, somehow things for me have fallen in the right place at the right time. Through my contacts, I got the position of a General Manager in Regalix. The whole idea behind my role was to make business as a profit center. The whole thing was new and different for me. However, by 2010, I had started looking for Leadership training related jobs, as I knew that’s where I belonged. During that period, I started teaching in Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies. Meanwhile, a friend of mine from Pafex, approached me with a proposal; she had recently established a security and manpower providing company, which was doing really well. I was offered to start a sister company in the training field… as alluring as the idea was, the business startup took quite some time. We named it PLN9 Training Solutions initially, and in 2011, I had received the first project from MetricStream Infotech, to engage in supporting their sales training.

Did it work out eventually?

No! Though there were communication differences and quite a bit of misunderstanding in terms of responsibility from both ends, we tried to work things out to an extent. When I took charge of the sales along with training, I was able to organize the first public workshop in June of 2011. But that was it. We figured out the betterment in parting ways…

Oh, so what happened next?

Well, like I always say, God has been (and till date is) kind! I was able to establish my own company; Triune Global. Triune means, co-existence of three-in-one “God”; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! Today I am living my dream 🙂

So what about Global Growth Group?

Yet another coincidence… an Italian based training company, came across my LinkedIn profile and approached me for training. I am the Indian representative for the network of training companies. It’s pretty new, as it is launched in March 2016 🙂

Trust me when I tell you, Hardy Alexander is the most humble and generous person that I have ever come across. With all the tight schedules in his life, working towards his aspirations, he has also made sure to not compromise on what’s important; family and friends! He is a very sweet husband to his biggest-support-in-life and a proud father to a very talented son.

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If one needs any help; all they have to do is just walk up to this person blind folded. Starting from being a motivator to a wonderful human being, the way he has transformed his life from the struggles of career path, to realizing his dream, is a true inspiration to me and many.

From the archives of 2010; when he’d agreed to help me selflessly, with one of my projects 🙂

  1. This message is very timely for me. I am a working mom and has a strong desire to finally leave the corporate and fulfill being a mom. But you know, life didnt take me there (yet). And I find it really hard and frustrating. The journey is really bumpy. But I know it’s worth the wait. As Hardy said, God is kind and everything will eventually be in its right place (in the right time). 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting this. Teachers are often so underappreciated, but they are an essential part of our development starting from childhood. This is great, putting your ex-professor and friend in the spotlight like this. More people should follow your example. Awesome post!

  3. Wow. I love this story! So inspiring! I hope more people have a chance to hear his story, I’m sure we can all learn something valuable from it and apply it to our own lives 😀

  4. That is a pretty interesting story of a man who is struggling to becoming successful in what he does. That makes his story really inspiring. Every person can relate with Hardy because everybody has a dream and everybody experiences struggle at one point in his life. Happy to hear that he also believes in the Trinity. Probably that’s the reason why he’s such a humble guy.

  5. Life of a career business executive. Relocating while good, has proven to be tough, as is the case of many Filipinos in my country too. So yes, I can understand where Hardy is coming from. Now, one thing I picked up from this interview is that once again, LinkedIn has proven to be the networking choice for professionals. #AmazingLifeDaily

  6. Hearing others stories is always inspiring. My parents are immigrants after having moved from the UK to Australia before I was born so I understand a little of the struggles. Moving to a new country and leaving everything behind is a huge step. I’m not sure I could do it!

  7. very nice interview.. Teaching is a very noble profession.. my mother was a teacher.. He’s a very interesting person.. and with an interesting degree in metallurgy.. cool!.. the first time I heard it..